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offgrid replied to the discussion 'Indiana' in the group States of Awareness 7 minutes ago
Contact ..
James aka adap2k added a blog post 12 minutes ago
Freedom Watch - Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, John Stossel, John Tate, Tracy Byrnes 03/11/2009 . .
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This group is for contact within your state/ country, to organize and support each other close to home.
artcarran commented on the blog post 'Harry Markopolos' 31 minutes ago
I wonder if he'll be "Ken Lay'ed." (simulated death, then off to Paraguay)
Tara left a comment for 'Marklar' 45 minutes ago
Ron Cesek commented on the blog post 'Harry Markopolos' 47 minutes ago
Madoff Pleads Guilty to Ponzi Scheme After admitting to details of a huge fraud, disgraced financier Bernard Madoff is jailed until sentencing more
artcarran commented on the blog post 'They've Sent Helbig After Me' 1 hour ago
It must be potent stuff if they went to all the trouble to send at least 6,700 tons of the crap to Idaho:
28 blog posts by Vincent L. Guarisco were featured 1 hour ago
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This group will teach you how to survive disasters man made or natural. Crucial information to aid you in your knowledge of survival of all kinds.
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*(Oh I'm sure little simpletons like "Roger Helbig" will say all the little people who got exposed are just healthy cronic complainers) Probe: Federal Agency Ignores Health Hazards Officials supposed to protect public near toxic si...
bob added a blog post 2 hours ago
A list of what is included in common vaccines. Very interesting and unnerving. Animal cells, mercury, aluminum, MSG, live virus, formaldehyde, GMO plants. Get everyone you know to read and spread the information right now!
Machinegunmomma my wife and i receive foodstamps we both work but our jobs only gets the bills paid we have 2 children, SC is the third highest unemployment rate in the country so i guess my wife and i should be treated like criminals, i do agree ...
Jason commented on the group 'Alex Jones' 3 hours ago
I suggest for everyone to check out the torrent group. " The Obabma Deception" was recently added and really is a great video. Alex keeps putting out top shelf movies. Also, it is best to buy it or donate to help him keep the cause going.
I actually don't think this would be a bad idea for Welfare but not for unemployment though.. Kinda seems like a waste since your looking for jobs and will probably need to drug test form them anyway.. But welfare is probably where it's ...
Thanks for the heads up on the latest video. Alex out did himself again with this one.
The only software you will ever need,the software 90% of podcasters use,is Audacity with is completely free. Google it. I wantto thank you for missing that podcast of mine to man,I will start another eventually so don't be down,I PROMISE I WILL.
shoot i dont know if contacting mine will even work the dumb asses dont want to use the stimulus package to help with education, health care or unemployment, they want to use to pay off the debt they got us into already, the thing is why? if they ...
pmartin28 commented on the blog post 'Tents Across America' 3 hours ago
And to top it all off this is not the first time something like this has happened, i remember living in San Francisco in the early 1990's and there were people camping out in the parks Dolores park, golden gate park, among some of the others ...
Indeed, (Lol) that was the shoe throw of all throws...seen around the world. I agree, too bad he missed! Once in a while someone does something special that really resonates...that was one of thos rare commodities.


James aka adap2k

OBAMA DECEPTION Watch Stream Continuous Loop! 4 Replies

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((((( Attention Colorado Residents ))))) 2 Replies

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Please e-mail Aaron Dykes at Infowars about Chloramine. 3 Replies

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Over 60,000 people have visited this site this month !!!! 5 Replies

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Is Art Bell a Disinformation Agent Working for the NWO? 13 Replies

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Check out the New RADIO TAB / PAGE

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Information tips and tricks-let's share 4 Replies

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This is your mission if you should choose to except it 4 Replies

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